By being in charge of a business or chain of businesses, you may not be able to monitor them at all times, and that is where our analytical monitoring of Amazonas365 comes into play.

Our mission is to optimize the process of your company by remotely managing, ensuring the internal operation and optimal performance in your business.

Our undertaking is that our clients can attend other aspects of their lives and be aware in lifetime of each process of their establishments, guaranteeing objective and timely information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Your CCTV cameras can do much more than what a security company can offer you, in Amazonas 365, using a powerful combination of artificial intelligence and human supervision through access to your local cameras, we can offer you analytical monitoring, which includes:

◆ Statistical analysis of all the processes carried out in the establishments.
◆  We send you timely alerts in case of irregular situations that may generate:
              ➢Capital flight.
              ➢ Decrease the quality of the product offered.
              ➢ Bottleneck.
◆  We detect hidden opportunities in your daily activity.
◆ We support your managing and development of the establishment.
◆ We support your managing and development of the establishment
 We pay special attention to those situations that are essential for you.
What is most important to us when carrying out this monitoring is to satisfy your needs, to be your eyes in your installations, for that reason we pay special attention to your priority requirements, such as schedules, behaviors and movements of the employees that requires a detailed follow up.

 Reduce loss of money :

Analytical monitoring allows us to detect unusual movements of cash by employees and report them immediately

 We take care that the employees use the correct method of handling the products:

Hygiene rules.

Use of gloves.

Personal cleanliness.

Use of measures and recipes, to avoid the loss of materials and the decrease of the product´s quality.

 We keep you informed if orders are being delivered without bill.

 We make personalized reports.

➢  With the data we obtain, we create personalized reports, which can be, daily, weekly and monthly; referring to customer service, behavior of employees and their customers, time of product´s replacement, reception and handling of merchandise, etc. Attach to your needs.

 Analyze the behavior of your consumers.

By looking at your sales, compare the hours, products sold, gender, age range, and company of the buyers, we can analyze their behavior, generating descriptive graphs and heat maps of your local, which will then allow you to take measures in regarding advertising and marketing to increase your sales.

 Verify the veracity of the staff´s assistance.

With this service we can verify by reviewing the videos captured if the staff is really obeying their schedule and their labor hours.

This will allow you to have a detailed follow-up of all the processes involved in your establishment.


We offer solutions adapted to different establishments:

You can request a free demo and we will design a plan tailored to your needs.


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“AMAZONAS 365 allowed me to detect the flaws in my company and helps me to improve the operation every day.”

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